Frogs of the Great Lakes Region Audio CD

Frog CD

This recording provides an auditory means to identify the frogs and toads (anurans) of the Great Lakes region. Acquiring the ability to identify anurans “by ear,” when applied throughout the spring, allows for an opportunity to accurately survey their abundance and diversity on any wetland, all accomplished without ever getting your feet wet.

The opening, instructional portion is a valuable tool for anyone participating in an organized frog and toad survey. Narrative is presented over a background chorus of each featured anuran in order of emergence and breeding through the season. Auditory characteristics and handles, in addition to seasonal habits and habitats are also presented.

Thirteen environmental movements are arranged chronologically through the spring breeding season, and are a useful follow-up to the instruction. They also provide over 50 minutes of relaxing listening pleasure. Whether listening from your car stereo while stuck in urban traffic, or from the warmth of your den on a blustery winter night, these sounds are sure to settle you “knee deep” into the lively pulse of a spring wetland.

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Click on the frog's name to hear a sample of it's call!

Western Chorus Frog
Northern Spring Peeper
Wood Frog
Northern Leopard Frog
Eastern American Toad
Fowler's Toad
Pickerel Frog
Eastern Gray Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog
Blanchard's Cricket Frog
Bull Frog
Mink Frog